Sunday, April 6, 2014

12 Weeks No Fast Food

With our move, we have fallen back into the fast food habit and we haven't stopped. That is so aggravating. So I have decided to start another fast food challenge. I've been thinking of doing one the last two weeks and just haven't being not smart and lazy. So here goes.

I am doing 12 weeks no fast food staring Monday, April 7th and ending Sunday, June 29th.

This may be a little more difficult than my last No Fast Food Challenge (Click here to read) which was only 6 weeks. But I think if I could go 6 weeks, I can definitely go 12 weeks.

So the details, same as last time:

  • No fast food
  • Excludes Subway
  • Excludes sit down restaurants
    • must be healthy meal option
    • not in excess of more than once a week

In addition, I'm also going to be working on adding in more homemade meals, instead of meals from a box or can. Especially, healthy homemade meals.

So excited to kick this challenge's a s s :)

If you would like to join in comment below, or subscribe on the right side bar Follow by Email link. I'd love for others to get involved too! :)

1 comment:

  1. Great plan! I cut out fast food a long time ago and don't regret it!