Monday, March 31, 2014

P90X Fit Test

Since moving, I have really seemed to be taking my sweet time getting back to working out and watching what I eat. I have kept thing start back slow and  just add things in, but I just haven't done anything. So I decided to rip the bandaid off and jump back in at a sprint. That's just the best way for me. So today I am staring P90X and yesterday I did my stats and the fit test. Here goes...

My stats:

Body Fat (to be determined)
Weight 227.4 lbs
Chest 43 3/8"
Waist 46"
Hips 46 1/8"
Right Thigh 25 3/4"
Left Thigh 25 7/8"
Right Arm 13 7/8"
Left Arm 14"

Fit Test Results:

Resting Heart Rate 82
Pull-ups 0 1/4 (ish) *
Vertical Leap 9"
Push-ups 2 *
Toe Touch +2 5/8"
Wall Squat 1 min 1.55 sec Weight 227.4 lbs
Bicep Curls 27 Weight 8 lbs
In & Outs 3*
Heart Rate Maximizer 130 bpm (After workout: 1 min 86 bpm, 2 min 86 bpm, 3 min 84 bpm, 4 min 86 bpm)

I put a star by the ones I didn't reach the minimum recommended to start P90X.

I also decided to add my own:
Plank 1 min 0.59 sec
Squats 10

They also suggested these poses for the before shot:
Caution they are highly embarrassing (for me)


  1. You are awesome! I'm so happy you put yourself out there. I completed P90x last summer and it changed everything for me. I can't wait to follow you on your journey!