Friday, January 24, 2014

Gym Happenings

Alright, so I mentioned this first one on my Facebook page (, but last night while at the gym my parents came into the gym to sign up for a membership. How awesome is that. I am proud of them. My mom is keeping healthy, after losing a bunch of weight (I shared her story here on the blog A Weight Loss Story: My Mother). And my dad taking back control of his health. In his mind he has some weight to lose - which for him sure - but he is one of those luck people with a fast acting metabolism. If I ate like him I'd look like a horse. But anyway, it's awesome!!

I posted this while on the elliptical : "Seeing your parents come in to the gym to sign up for a membership, love it #healthyparents #healthygrandparents"

After this, I finished my elliptical workout and then rode the bike for 30 minutes. I am walking to the locker room and see someone I used to work with. She is an older lady - maybe between 60-70 years old. I saw her husband two weeks ago and talked to him then. So we got to chatting and she says that her husband had mentioned he saw me there and couldn't figure out who I was until later because I had lost so much weight he didn't recognize me.....

Let that sink in (with me).....

I went home feeling AWESOME!!!! Sometimes I just focus on how far I have to go and don't really think much on how far I have come. It felt great for someone to really say they have noticed I have lost quite a bit of weight. Everyone who ever mentions my weight loss to me sees me regularly and to them the change isn't quite as drastic compared to someone who hasn't seen me in quite a number of months. It's just such a good feeling.

Moral of this story you can be healthy at any age!!! AND Be proud of what you have accomplished whether you have 5 pounds to go or 40 pounds(in my case).

Do you have any cool gym stories? Feel free to share in the comments below or links to your blog post :)

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  1. I LOVE seeing older couples work out together! I took a picture of a couple who was probably in their late 80s work out together, it was heart warming :)