Monday, September 23, 2013

TIU Fall Challenge

Frisky Fall Challenge from Tone It Up
          The twins are 1 month old tomorrow and I'm completely read to get back on track with eating right and working out. So the Frisky Fall Challenge from Tone It Up could not have come at a more opportune time! It's starting now through Halloween. There's daily challenges and a goal to get 100 miles in by Halloween - walking, jogging, running, and really any cardio. Plus added bonus the Tone It Up girls will be giving away prizes along the way to some lucky participants.

          My goals for this challenge::
                    *Lose 10-12 lbs
                    *Get in all the workouts
                    *Get those 100 miles in - or close to it
                    *Record food every day - even water
                    *Scaleless challenge - weigh myself at beginning and end ONLY

          I've been very highly obsessive over the scale since I had the girls - weighing myself every other day literally for the last 3 weeks. Even if I wasn't over it, it's just not good for me! Or anyone. So, I'm excited to go scaleless!

          I'm excited to do this challenge. I tried to do a Tone It Up Challenge before and just ended up being to busy. But, this time I'm dedicated 200% and I will do the workouts whether I have time during my day or I'm doing them in the middle of the night while the kids are asleep! :)

          Beginning weight for the challenge 223.8

          Here's my beginning pictures:: Bare with me I know they are icky and unflattering

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