Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Active Living Challenge Week 1

Week 1 down of Lorna Jane Active and Sweat Pink's Active Living Challenge. It's been a mostly good week. The scale came down (woot, woot) and I got in several at-home workouts. However, I had the flu for 2 days, I didn't run and I didn't do very well with my eating overall. But I have already been plotting a better week this week.

Here is my recap:

Day 1: Favorite summer workout move.
I love a good run outside in the warm weather. But I have been all about kettle bell workouts lately. I have a DVD that came with the kb but also Pinterest has some good ones too.

Day 2: Favorite healthy recipe.
Scrabble as my father-in-law calls it. I had never had it before he made it. It's pretty simple as far as ingredients go. He does sausage, potatoes, and eggs. He also cooks the sausage part way and then adds the eggs and potato to the same pan an cooks till sausage is nice and brown. I however cook all the parts mostly separated on the same skillet and combined at the end. I also added green peppers. As the cool think about this meal is you can substitute, add or take out anything you like/ don't like (spinach, onions, turkey sausage, turkey bacon). Ps I haven't really ventured much in to cooking healthy recipes. I have had "reasons" but what it really comes down to is I am lazy at shopping and lazy at cooking. Some people in my family like to say I can't cook. I can, I just don't. I plan to start changing that.
PS I was planning to make spaghetti spaghetti squash for this one because I have never made it and wanted to for awhile now. But I was sadly unable to find spaghetti squash. I'm such a newb I don't even know if it is out of season or you can only find it certain places.

Day 3: What active living means to you.
Finding ways to move daily, loving what I do, and not having to be active, wanting to be active are all so important to me in active living. I feel better when I move daily - walks, runs, workouts, etc. and if I don't love what I do or want to be active it just doesn't work. And if I hate the workout I'm doing, I'm miserable and want to quit the whole time.

Day 4: Favorite place to relax/ have quite time.
The trail around the park. It's really awesome. It goes in a big oval around a big park, a little park on opposite end, baseball diamonds, soccer fields,and a big open field of grass with a large hill. Then it has a path through the middle to cut it shorter. There are also unpaved paths that go in the wooded area along one side but I haven't ventured in there yet because I usually run alone in the evening around sunset. But it is so peaceful.

Day 5: Snap a #workout sweaty selfie!
I'm not like super sweaty in this photo but I like it a lot because I feel like I have a glow going on. This was post arm workout. I did 5 pound weights because I am a weakling - but I'm working on it. The second round I found it very difficult to get the whole set so I went down to 3s for the last however many and did extra if I could. And then the same with the third round.

Day 6: Moving/ working out with your friends.
I now love 40 minutes from friends, so these are my workout buddies. Usually 1-2 times a week we either go to the park (and I don't sit I walk around,climb things like a kid) or we walk the trail together. We also will sometimes do a mini circuit at the park if no one is there. And sometimes on the path we will every ( minutes or so start "racing."

Day 7: Something you're grateful for.
I am so very grateful for my family, but in the moment I was feeling my motivation returning to me for running. I haven't ran in over a week. I'm really missing it and I have really noticed a difference in me - unmotivated sluggish. I had the flu here toward the end of the week so that only made matters worse. And then I hope fed to run this weekend to get back at it but I just wasn't feeling it or feeling motivated. But tonight I am determine tomorrow I will run tomorrow. My goal for this week is to run every day. Mon, Tue, Wed 30 minutes and Tue, Thurs, Sat, Sun 10-15 minutes (or whatever I feel just as long as I do it).

My goals for this week:
-Keep current with my Instagram post because Sunday I had to play catch-up.
-Run everyday.
-Better my food choices.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Beginner Fitness Tips

I have been on this journey for a little while now and I wanted to share with you some beginner tips.

1. Don't wait for Monday, a new month or the New Year.

Start today. 4 o'clock on a Thursday doesn't mean it's too late to make a good dinner choice or go for a walk around the block.

2. Do what you can, when you can.

A great blogger (Roni) I follow started posting about this a little while ago. And it is what it is. If you can get a 10 minute walk, jog, run, or any other type of physical activity - do it. It doesn't have to be this big production that lasts for an hour or nothing at all.

3. Do what makes you happy.

If you hate the workouts you are doing the processes is going to seem miserable. You will also find you have no motivation to do your workouts. I've done this before. I felt it was what I needed to do or I joined some challenge and failed miserably because I hated it.

4. Utilize the web for workouts.

This is not just for fitspiration and good health and fitness bloggers... Hi ;) But seriously,you don't need a fancy gym membership or a fancy at-home gym to get in shape. You don't even need weights. Utilize YouTube, Pinterest, or any other site to find at-home workouts.  Don't just create a Pinterest board of workouts and never use them! PS I'm guilty of this too (until recently). Start a notebook or binder and start writing out these workouts you pin or share on your Facebook wall. And DO them. Also if you think you won't remember moves draw little characters - that's what I do. And they look hideous but I'll get the point during my workout and that's all that matters.

5. Start working on your eating.

I went quite awhile in my fitness journey thinking what I eat doesn't matter. I felt I was working out so I deserved to eat the things I liked in whatever amount I liked. And this is still a real struggle for me. It seems like it is a constant push and pull for me mentally in regards to food. So know that this may take work but it will get easier - most days.

6. Don't "sweat" the small stuff.

You indulged in a piece of cake? So that doesn't mean the whole day is shot so eat whatever you want the rest of the day. That just means you make all the better choices the rest of the day. You get in bed and realize you didn't get your workout in, don't beat yourself up. Make a plan for tomorrow and get it in. Even a second day not getting your workout in doesn't mean your whole week is shot so you'll start again Monday. Every day is a new day and a chance to start fresh.

7. Be ready for anything that may come your way during this journey.

Like when you nearly pee your pants during a run or workout because of all that water you've been drinking. Or when you stink from a workout... And you like it. Or when you start getting checked out or called pretty lady (even if it is by an old man ;) ). Or when your clothes start getting looser on you and people start to notice.

8. Don't compare your journey to someone else's.

I know it is so hard not to compare to others. A good piece of Fitspiration: "You can't compare your beginning to someone else's middle." - Jon Acuff. Someone else's journey is just that - theirs. You never know their circumstances, their bodies (metabolism), their mindset, their game plan, their point in their journey. So you can't expect to be in the same place.

9. Don't quit. 

I had times attempting to resist foods (mainly desserts), that I was like 'This is so stupid and I want to quit.' But I stuck it out (OK most of the time I don't eat it) and the next day I feel better for it. And it's really easy to get frustrated with the process on weigh in day. When I have felt I had done awesome all week but I lost .6 (that's happened to me by the way). And I instantly feel like hulking out, stomping the scale, picking it up, trying to break it over my knee, and chucking it out of the bathroomRome wasn't built in a day and all. I still struggle with this. Another good piece of Fitspiration: "It's a marathon not a sprint." There are all these contributing factors to losing weight, and from week to week those factors may be different. So don't give up because you still have such a long way to go or you're not getting their fast enough.

10. Remember to enjoy the journey.

Through all the ups and down you will have, it will all be worth it. You will gain so much more than you lose (weight). You'll have a healthy mind, body and soul. You'll be able to do more things and have more energy to do them - especially if you don't just feed your body, you fuel your body.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below with your beginner tips or links to your beginner posts.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Last weigh in: 228.2
This weigh in: 226.6
 I lost 1.6 and I'm super excited. The last two weeks it's been .2 and .6 and this week that wasn't going to cut it. I may have even lost more if I had not indulged the last few days, in Reese's at that. I was doing really well. Then we were at the store, my daughter decided she wanted a bag of Reese's; she was being good and I wanted to keep it that way. When we get home I'm like noooooooooo why would I do that! But I ended up decided on a workout move to do so many of if I ate one. I decided on 20 lunges. I have no idea if it would even make a difference but I did them anyway.

As I mentioned in my previous post for August goals, I have created a workout calendar and am really stepping up my workouts.

Yesterday was arms and I haven't done an arm workout in a few months. But, carrying twins in car seats sure gives me the illusion that I have arm strength.

Today was leg day and I've felt sick on and off all day. I really contemplated not working out, but here at the end of the day I decided to go ahead and get it in anyway - no cardio though.

Hope everyone's having a great week so far! Only two days till the weekend! :)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Goals

Recapping on July:
I completed Fitfluential's #FFPushup Challenge with 965 push-ups for the month of July. In the beginning week 10 a day was a struggle so I planned to complete 310 for the whole month because as week as my upper body felt I knew that's all I felt I could absolutely gaurentee. However, I knew I would finish with much more and I did 965, and only missed one day total. Not because I didn't want to do it but because I completely forgot.

I completed the I'mperfect Life 1,000 minutes of exercise challenge with 1,069. It would have been more if for most of the month I was mostly just doing cardio 3-4 times a week for 30 min sessions. Then a few random workouts, a few short walks and a few long walks got me to goal. But nonetheless, I did it and that's an accomplishment. 

I only did Spartan challenge for two weeks. Then the Sweat Pink Summer Instagram challenge from Fit Approach and Jill Conyers I didn't even make it past the first day. At the beginning of last month I really wanted to do all these challenges but realistically I just couldn't.

I planned to do more veggies and less sugar. I was a bit on and off with the veggies. The less sugar, hmm not really a change I don't think. Still no Reese's. But now I have been having a much smaller issue with butterfingers. When i stopped eating Reese's I was getting them every few days - sometimes every day. I had the butterfingers cups once last weekend and now once this weekend - still too often in my mind. But I think I can keep a handle on it. I failed miserably on recording my food everyday.

I completed the Couch-to-5k program indoors. So my plan was to take it outdoors. I have not been doing three a week sadly, and last week only got one in. But I'm hoping this week to get back on it, because I'm doing The Color Run South Bend in September. http://thecolorrun.com/south-bend/ TEAM NAME: Rainbow Dash

I did not lose my hoped for pounds but I have definitely in the last two weeks completely overhauled my workout routine and I plan to become much more active this month.

Goals for August:
1. C25K 3 times a week
2. Do my scheduled workouts on my August calendar I created
3. Eat in moderation and healthier choices
4. Lose 5 pounds
5. Complete the Active Living Challenge from SweatPink and Lorna Jane Active

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your goals below or a link to your blog post on August goals.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Active Living Challenge Participant

This month I am participating in the #activelivingchallenge from FitApproach and Lorna Jane Active.

I am so excited to do this challenge in August because, well the July challenge from FitApproach and Jill Conyers I ended up not making it past day one. I committed myself to far to many challenges and couldn't keep up with a few.

Stating August 4th for 3 weeks, you post a picture for the daily active living challenge on Instagram. Bloggers write weekly recap posts for their blogs on Sundays. And at the end of the challenge a lucky winner will get a $500 gift card to Lorna Jane Active :)

I am super excited my wheels are already  turning about what I will do/share for certain days. I think this challenge is really going to help me in all areas of healthy living and especially in moving toward "clean eating."

Be on the look out for my first week recap post on the 10th.

Check out more on the details here:

Photo from www.fitapproach.com

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday

I have been struggling to log my food the last couple weeks. So today I decided I'd take a picture of everything I ate and do a WIAW post. So here goes:
Eggo waffle, butter, & light syrup with blueberries and Kiwi Strawberry Juice
Old habits: i would have had two waffles slathered in syrup, No blueberries, and an extra-large glass of milk.
Post cardio (it was close to lunch time) string cheese and water :)
Old habits: there would have been No cardio and my mid morning snack would have been either nothing or more donuts.
Bad meal alert - grilled cheese, spegetios, and a small handful of barbeque chips. I also ended up having a little more spegetios and a little more chips.
Old habits: I would have ha two grilled cheeses, more spegetios on the first round in a desperate bowl and the a whole second bowl and possibly a quarter of a bag of chips.
Peanut butter sandwich and strawberries
Old habits: I would have had two peanut butter sandwiches and no strawberries and possibly spegetios again.
After dinner and park snack - Cheerios in chocolate milk shared with my daughter. My stomach was growling and for some reason that's the only thing I was interested in.
Old habits: I would have possibly ate this a mounding bowl of Cheerios or got the chips from lunch and possibly finished the bag.

Overall not too bad. But, no veggies - that's no good. So tomorrow I am going to try and get veggies in at lunch and dinner. I am not sure if I am going to continue to do photo logging but I really feel like it helped me today. But tomorrow it is definitely back to MyFitnessPal food logging for sure.

Thanks for reading!

Weigh In Wednesday

Last weigh in: 228.4
This weigh in: 228.2

I am surprised and not surprised at the same time. 

My eating has actually been much better compared to a month or so ago. I did eat a little more overall one day - which of course had to be yesterday.

I have definitely stepped up my workouts. Friday I wasn't able to get my cardio in because of my husband working all day into the evening. Then Monday I just really wasn't feeling it and I wasn't feeling the best, so I skipped cardio because if I didn't I'd been miserable. As of late, I have been solely relying on cardio 3-4 times a week and the time always ranged from 30-60 minutes. However, since I made my workout binder I mentioned in last weeks post, I have been getting in actual workouts regularly. In the last week, I have had sore legs, arms, abs, and booty! And I tell ya, that sore feeling is welcome.

I think I am possibly starting to gain muscle along side losing fat and I'll definitely take that even if the number on the scale isn't necessarily coming down as fast as I'd like.

I saw this on Facebook yesterday:
"You want faster results, you need to work harder."
That will be my quote to live by for a little while.

Here's to another, even better week! I hope I can keep it up.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Last weeks weigh in: 229
This weeks weigh in: 228.4
I'm down .6 this week. I almost said only and when you say only before something it usually means you're disappointed. And it's not disappointing. I'd be laying to say I wasn't hoping for more but a loss is a loss.

I wouldn't say my eating has been perfect but portion control is definitely my strong suit. So I have been focusing on that and adding more fruits. This week my hopes are to add in more veggies. I think I have also decided to do two- three days a week 100% clean - my rest days. That way I'm not over eating on those days or eating junk I don't need. Then I get better and better I think more clean eating days will come easily.

My week in workouts has been awesome! I have been doing Couch-to-5k outside. It's a bit of a struggle mentally and getting the dreaded side stitch almost every workout. But I'm doing it. I also thought about repeating week one until I feel comfortable. But the bad thing about that plan is that's what I did last time and then I tapered out and quit. So I am going to keep progressing with the weeks as scheduled.

Also this last 3-4 days, I have been working on a fitness binder. I am really excited about it! I have been writing down on my fitness Pinterest finds and am going to work on rotating through the workouts. I have already done 2 of the workouts. I put dividers in to organize workouts arms (shoulders), legs (booty),  abs, and multi area. I label every page in the top right corner with the area an what equipment I need (kettle bell, weights, etc). My next thing is to workout on a schedule - cardio days and workout areas (arm day, leg day, etc).

So I think I will see a greater loss next week. And I'm excited about the progress I am making. Here's to another week! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Happy hump day! :)

Last weigh in: 231.2
This weigh in:
I lost 2.2! Thank goodness! I really needed it. Yesterday was my only day I didn't work out. My eating was still kind of all over the place. But it's a work in progress.

I'm hoping for the same kind of week this week so I can see another loss like this!

Yesterday I was in a bit of a funk, I had one of those days I felt hungry and sluggish all day. It was not good. I decided I need a break from working out because I had every day since last Wednesday. And then I didn't track my food which also wasn't a good thing. I know I over ate. But, I'm going to try to do much better today. Definitely planning a workout and tracking my food for sure.

Hope everyone is having a great week! Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Couch-to-5k Update

I am super excited to share this.

This last week I completed the Couch-to-5k program!!!!

This was my third attempt at the program, so I am super proud of myself. I did all but one indoors... with no treadmill. I know, I know. Whaaaat? Lol

Ok, so as a stay-at-home mom with no gym access and whose husband schedule is different day to day; I needed a way to do this program that didn't involve me getting up before it was necessary. I'm not a morning person whatsoever. So my twins getting up at 730-8 is early enough for me.

What I was doing was this: running in place. I felt like a goober for the first week or so. But I saw this from a cool fitness blogger named Roni - what you can, when you can. I'm also adding where you can ;)

The upside of doing this is that I can get the workout in regardless of my situation (husbands at work, I didn't have time till after dark, etc). I also can watch Netflix to pass the time. The downside I have no idea of my speed or distance. 

Now I am doing the program again but all outside. I really need to do it outside. Plus I'm doing The Color Run in two months and even though it isn't timed, it's still a run.

I did day week 1 day 1 yesterday outside. My major issue is speed I try to do the runs to fast for my fitness level. So halfway through I had to skip one because of an extreme pain in my side. I walked it out and then the rest of the time really tried to go slow. So then during the cool down I added a minute jog and then walked a little long to get home after I was finished.