Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week Two Sugar Detox Complete

Week 2 Kick Sugary Drinks

I was worried about this week the most in the beginning, even though now I am starting to feel just as worried for week 3. I would say the last month or so, I was drinking at least 64 ounces of sweet tea a day and it was mainly McDonald's large sweet tea. I would literally drive across town just to go through the drive-thru for a sweet tea when going to pick my son up from school. If I was out taking my kids to doctor appointments, I'd grab one on the way there and on the way back. I really felt like giving up pop, I had just switched one addiction for another. It was like caffeine headaches all over again the longer I went in my day without one.

Here was my notes for week 2 from the original Sugar Detox Post:

Week 2 Kick the Sugary Drinks
For me this is Pop and Sweet Tea. On a regular day when it's not the two weeks surrounding Halloween (before and after), I am the classic "drink your calories" type. I had quit drinking pop for about 3 months then I started again and now I am right back to caffeine headaches.

I think I can really tell this is the week I was having the most mental struggle with because I didn't give tips like I did for weeks 1 and 3. Oops!!! So I'll share some now

Tips for making it through week 2:
- Drink lots and lots of water! PS you should be doing this anyway.
- Add fruit to your water. I have heard this a lot, that some people just can't do water because there is no flavor (because they are used to those sugar filled sodas). I love doing lemon, I haven't don't much else. Once I had blueberries and raspberry water at a party. It tasted different, but not bad - it was room temp so I think that had an effect on me too because I am not much for room temp drinks.
- Try doing green or black tea. I got black tea a few weeks ago and I actually really liked it (I had never had black tea before. Also green tea is supposed to be so health beneficial for you! I tried it a long time ago and really didn't like it because I was so used to sweet (Nestle) tea, which I grew up on.
- Try getting unsweetened and sweeting it yourself. That way you know exactly how much is going in - and how much you don't want going in which is the issue with my daily McDonald's sweet teas.

I hope you find these tips helpful and if you have any of your own tips feel free to comment below.

And here are one of those sugar revealed things I'm sure you have seen around online:

P.S. according to a CNN report you should only be consuming around 25g a day and not all 3 of the sodas are over twice that.

Week One Sugar Detox Complete

Week 1 Kick the Candy
I realized I didn't post here last week for the completion of week 1 of Post Halloween Sugar Detox but I shared this update on Facebook last Sunday:

          "Update on my sugar detox week one kicking candy - I made it through the week and their is still candy in this house. I had one snack size Hershey's earlier in the week. That's it. Today I even found unopened candy in my kids room (snickers) and I threw them out!!!  #win #sugardetox #sugaraddict #cleaneating"

Even taking into consideration of the one snack sized Hershey's early on in the week, I still consider week 1 a huge success!
          You don't have to be perfect, you just need to try your best!
It really isn't about being perfect and honestly I expected to report much worse - but I'm so glad I didn't have too. It's so important to set small attainable goals. And one or two small slip ups doesn't make the entire thing a wash. And trust me, in the past that has been my mind frame. If I slipped up, I would just say whelp that's over with and:

If you didn't check out the original sugar detox post here were tips for surviving week 1: (the red tells what I did during the week)

Week 1 Kick the Candy
- Inventory.  Take stock of you kids candy, if there are things you know they won't eat trash it. I trashed candy multiple times.
- Write a "letter" of intent. You intend not to eat one more piece of candy and post it on your fridge. I didn't post a note anywhere, but I took my blog post as my letter of intent (and my husband did read it).
- Work for it. Figure out a hard workout command you will have to do if you eat another, right then and there - before you eat it! I had already indulged from Halloween through the weekend, and those were not going to be worked for. Everyone should indulge some every now and then. But, for me, the time had come that it had gone overboard. My plan was to do 100 jumping jacks for every snack size I ate. And I actually ended up doing 100 jj several times throughout my day after eating it, just because it made me feel good :)

Thanks for following along on my sugar detox!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Post Halloween Sugar Detox

If you are like me - an overeating sugar addict, you probably also over did it on the Halloween candy. And if you are super like me, you are racked with guilt over all you ate.

Do not get me wrong here. A few treats every now and then totally fine. But, my indulging always seems to go way over the limit. I definitely consider myself a sugar addict.

And to add fuel to my bad eating fire, I am not good with drastic changes to my diet. I go into a wild mood swing and completely wreck it the rest of the day, and for the next few days as well.

One pile of several I made this weekend:

 Post Halloween Sugar Detox
Week 1 Kick the Candy

- Inventory.  Take stock of you kids candy, if there are things you know they won't eat trash it.
- Write a "letter" of intent. You intend not to eat one more piece of candy and post it on your fridge.
- Work for it. Figure out a hard workout command you will have to do if you eat another, right then and there - before you eat it!!

Week 2 Kick the Sugary Drinks

For me this is Pop and Sweet Tea. On a regular day when it's not the two weeks surrounding Halloween (before and after), I am the classic "drink your calories" type. I had quit drinking pop for about 3 months then I started again and now I am right back to caffeine headaches.

Week 3 Kick the Processed Sweets

For me, this is things like cookies, rice crispy treats, and pop tarts.
- Well, one don't buy it! Ugh this is such a tough thing for me to follow. I always have the intent not to buy them when we leave for the store. But, if my husband doesn't want it, my kids will. Every now and then I have been successful - but then we just end up eating out a bunch that week.
- Don't go down the bad food isles. I've tried this one a few times too. But, either the bad stuff is on the end of the isles or my husband leaves and comes back with undesirables (in my healthy mind frame).
- Make a list and check it twice. I am terrible at making grocery lists and sticking to it.

I will be sharing check ins along the way and hopefully more helpful tips for you readers. If you are in or have any tips of your own, comment below.

And here is me trashing what I knew my kids wouldn't eat, because I knew as long as it was in the house I would.

Friday, October 24, 2014

I've Fallen Off the Wagon and I Can't Get Up

Wow long title, haha! I just thought it and went with it. :)

OK, so I was really doing awesome for about a month with awesome workouts. Still poor eating on and off though. I don't know if I will ever not struggle with food. I do hope one day I don't have to have this extreme love hate with food. And the last few weeks I have just went on this downward spiral that I can't seem to come back from all because I'm really letting food control me - especially mentally. After a week of struggling mentally and hating my workouts because I knew I still wouldn't be losing weight, I decided to take a break and try to regroup. I wanted to attempt to focus on my food and get my eating under control. Well, here I am two weeks later still no workouts and actually worse off with my food then I was before I decided to take the break. It was also only supposed to be 4-5 days and turn into 18 days. That is horrible!!!! I can't believe I let myself do this. I mean I am stuck in my weighs right? ;[ Ugh - rolling my eyes at myself for that joke.

But, I'm putting this out there. I want my readers to know. It's not all sunshine and roses over here. And hoping this can keep me accountable and get me back on "the wagon." I have come up with a few ideas to get myself back in the swing of things.

My Tips for Getting Back on the Wagon

1. Inspiration Board

I love Pinterest but it always helps to know I'm not the only one who can get lost on there for an hour or more. Other than Pinterest, I am also creating a paper version with basically anything I think of that inspires me. I can add as I think of them.

2. Goals/ Plan

I have already done my goals way back at the start of this cute little blog of mine. But, it is always helpful to reassess goals.
          - Take note, where are you on your previous goals
          - Set new long term goals
          - Set short term goals and deadlines
Setting short term goals with deadlines can be really helpful to have something to work for and get it done in a certain time. Planning is something I really need to work on the most.
          - Menu planning
          - Workout planning
          - Schedule some daily me time
I can plan workouts all day long. But, menu planning is something I need to get at! My food as mentioned above is definitely my most problematic area of my health. So I am going to work hard on starting to menu plan each week.

3. Post Some Notes

I am so big on this, but I have fallen out of touch with it because before the extended break I was doing so well without it. It is so helpful to have notes around to have reminders throughout your day.
          - Use a cork board
          - Use a dry erase board
          - Post it notes - or paper and tap :)
          - Magnets on the fridge
Put them anywhere and everywhere that will be most beneficial for you. If you are a stay at home mom like me, maybe the fridge or the snack cabinet.

4. Log It!

          - Keep a calendar
          - Keep a notebook
          - Selfie or it didn't happen
          - Your feelings
          - Use an app (MyFitnessPal)
I was keeping a calendar for food and workouts. So, that has definitely been helpful for getting back on the wagon. A little more than two weeks of emptiness is definitely put a fire under my pants. Posting this somewhere where I will see it (number 3) will hopefully help me to not fall off again. Sweaty selfies have been something I have been doing for a little while now. But, I have been considering doing photo logs of my food as well. I also use to use MyFitnessPal like crazy and now I feel struggled to do multiple days consistently. So that is also part of my short term goals.

5. Accountability

Find ways to keep accountable! There are so many social ways to keep accountable.
          - Find a friend in fitness
          - Join a group - running group, fitness class, etc
          - Put it out there for the world to see

Actually writing this blog helped me a lot and I ended up stopping mid way through and getting an arm/ cardio workout in. Be on the lookout for more posts coming soon on menu planning!

<3 Brooke

Friday, October 17, 2014

Things Moms With Multiples Are Tired Of Hearing

Every single time we go anywhere with the twins, nearly every person things they need to come up and talk to us. And it's almost always the same things...

1. Oh my gosh, are they twins?!

.... Really, I have two babies that look the same age/ size and exactly alike. Yeah I think I remember having them at the same time.

2. Are they identical?

No, they are fraternal. But, what difference does it make.

3. Oh, they look identical.

Well, as mentioned previously, they are twins. Twins usually look a lot alike. Trust me from question 2 and 3 I have considered just saying yes.

4. Double Trouble.

It's just annoying! Like I didn't know I'll have two babies going through teething and terrible twos at the same time. Or having two girls becoming teenagers at the same time and going through those moody years. Trust me I have thought about it, but thanks for the reminder.

5. Boy, you've got your hands full.

Really, you think? I never realized trying to take my 6 year old, 3 year old, and twin 1 year olds to the store by myself to grab diapers and milk. Hmm, thanks for letting me know.

6. I know twins. I knew twins. My cousin has twins.

I really don't care that you went to school back in the 70's with twins. I don't care that your neighbor has twins. I don't care that your second cousin twice removed just had twins. I don't know them, I'm absolutely certain that I will never know them - but thanks I'm just so happy to know that (shaking my head no, as in no I am not happy to know that).

7. You're blessed.

Not that I don't think I am, but really total stranger thanks for letting me know what I already know.

8. Can I have them.

WHAT THE F***!? OK this goes for anyone with a new baby, even just one. It's freakin creepy old ladies (and even some younger middle aged ladies as well). We hadn't had it happen in a little while but just this past weekend we were at Wal-mart in the toy isle and these two older ladies are shopping together and says "Oh twins! You can put her in here (gesturing to her empty cart), I've got room." My husband jokingly says back "She's nothing but trouble you'd bring her back." And she replies, "No I wouldn't." I'm serious just so darn creepy. I had to immediately have us leave the area.

Moms with multiples, feel free to share any below you have experienced :)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Beginner Fitness Tips

I have been on this journey for a little while now and I wanted to share with you some beginner tips.

1. Don't wait for Monday, a new month or the New Year.

Start today. 4 o'clock on a Thursday doesn't mean it's too late to make a good dinner choice or go for a walk around the block.

2. Do what you can, when you can.

A great blogger (Roni) I follow started posting about this a little while ago. And it is what it is. If you can get a 10 minute walk, jog, run, or any other type of physical activity - do it. It doesn't have to be this big production that lasts for an hour or nothing at all.

3. Do what makes you happy.

If you hate the workouts you are doing the processes is going to seem miserable. You will also find you have no motivation to do your workouts. I've done this before. I felt it was what I needed to do or I joined some challenge and failed miserably because I hated it.

4. Utilize the web for workouts.

This is not just for fitspiration and good health and fitness bloggers... Hi ;) But seriously,you don't need a fancy gym membership or a fancy at-home gym to get in shape. You don't even need weights. Utilize YouTube, Pinterest, or any other site to find at-home workouts.  Don't just create a Pinterest board of workouts and never use them! PS I'm guilty of this too (until recently). Start a notebook or binder and start writing out these workouts you pin or share on your Facebook wall. And DO them. Also if you think you won't remember moves draw little characters - that's what I do. And they look hideous but I'll get the point during my workout and that's all that matters.

5. Start working on your eating.

I went quite awhile in my fitness journey thinking what I eat doesn't matter. I felt I was working out so I deserved to eat the things I liked in whatever amount I liked. And this is still a real struggle for me. It seems like it is a constant push and pull for me mentally in regards to food. So know that this may take work but it will get easier - most days.

6. Don't "sweat" the small stuff.

You indulged in a piece of cake? So that doesn't mean the whole day is shot so eat whatever you want the rest of the day. That just means you make all the better choices the rest of the day. You get in bed and realize you didn't get your workout in, don't beat yourself up. Make a plan for tomorrow and get it in. Even a second day not getting your workout in doesn't mean your whole week is shot so you'll start again Monday. Every day is a new day and a chance to start fresh.

7. Be ready for anything that may come your way during this journey.

Like when you nearly pee your pants during a run or workout because of all that water you've been drinking. Or when you stink from a workout... And you like it. Or when you start getting checked out or called pretty lady (even if it is by an old man ;) ). Or when your clothes start getting looser on you and people start to notice.

8. Don't compare your journey to someone else's.

I know it is so hard not to compare to others. A good piece of Fitspiration: "You can't compare your beginning to someone else's middle." - Jon Acuff. Someone else's journey is just that - theirs. You never know their circumstances, their bodies (metabolism), their mindset, their game plan, their point in their journey. So you can't expect to be in the same place.

9. Don't quit. 

I had times attempting to resist foods (mainly desserts), that I was like 'This is so stupid and I want to quit.' But I stuck it out (OK most of the time I don't eat it) and the next day I feel better for it. And it's really easy to get frustrated with the process on weigh in day. When I have felt I had done awesome all week but I lost .6 (that's happened to me by the way). And I instantly feel like hulking out, stomping the scale, picking it up, trying to break it over my knee, and chucking it out of the bathroomRome wasn't built in a day and all. I still struggle with this. Another good piece of Fitspiration: "It's a marathon not a sprint." There are all these contributing factors to losing weight, and from week to week those factors may be different. So don't give up because you still have such a long way to go or you're not getting their fast enough.

10. Remember to enjoy the journey.

Through all the ups and down you will have, it will all be worth it. You will gain so much more than you lose (weight). You'll have a healthy mind, body and soul. You'll be able to do more things and have more energy to do them - especially if you don't just feed your body, you fuel your body.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below with your beginner tips or links to your beginner posts.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

No More Body Shaming

I apologize in advance, this is about to get ranty and possibly b*tchy.

I am so sick and tired of body shaming - from any size person!!!! I have seen all these stupid "real woman" comments around before an it really got under my skin. And after seeing, for the second time this week, a Facebook friend sharing a somecard stating "no I'm not a size zero because I have the body of a woman not a 12 year old" - I can't hold it in anymore!!! That is so f*cking stupid!!!

I am no where damn near a size zero but I don't see a WOMAN that is a size zero (or close to it) and think oh she's not a woman..... It's like wtf.

I'm a size 18. But that's my damn business just as a WOMAN that is a size 8,4,0.

Oh and not to mention that if there was a somecard that was going around on Facebook that read "No I'm not a size 18 (20 or 22) because I have the body of a woman not a hippopotamus." Bigger gals every where would be raising HELL!!!!

All you women who like to throw around the term "real woman" remember this when you are gudging!! : That woman with a small figure may work very hard to have the body she does because it makes her feel good and makes her feel good about herself!

If you are a bigger gal you have probably at one point in your life (possibly as a child or even as an adult) experienced fat shaming! You have probably at one point in your life (not saying all the time) thought you were fat and/or wished you had a smaller body. You may have at one time envied a friend or fellow classmate for their smaller body. You may have at one time wondered why someone smaller than you that doesn't workout gets to eat whatever they want, and still stay small - and you look at a pizza with longing eyes and gain 5 pounds.
I have experienced all of the above. In elementary school, a couple times I was called tubby by other kids. In high school there was a couple girls that didn't like me and called me fat (even though I was in a healthy weight range for my height).

So if you have experienced those things and still have the audacity to throw around the term "real woman".... That's ridiculous. It hurts people. When I was in my healthy weight range during high school I thought I was fat, and I wasn't. I hated my body. So I think it's safe to say that even a size zero has those days. So they don't need you making them feel bad about themselves.

Let's try lifting others up instead of smacking them down just because they don't have your body.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Five: 5 Reason I Am Letting It All Hang Out

OK, things about to get real up in this blog. LOL

Here's me today while I was watching my kids swim:

I decided to try to get my chubs some sun. I was however too self-conscious. I kept pulling my shirt down very time a car would go down the street past my neighbors lawn. I'm not swimming today. But when I do I wear a two peice that the top is basically a tank top and the bottoms a skort. Because 1. I think my body looks hideous an 2. I don't want people to see it, be disgusted, or stare with judgy eyes. And well.... SCREW THAT!

I don't need to cover up just because I am not a supermodel. That just isn't fair.

Your top clings to your stomach better than all get out. So when it clings all whopperjawed and you go to get out of the water you look crazy as heck - bout needing the jaws of life to pry it off and pull it down.

My girls. I don't want them thinking they must be a size two or look perfect to wear a bikini if they want to.

Men of all shapes and size let it all hang out and wear swim trunks. I think I have seen only an extremely small amount of larger men wearing shirts.

Bikinis are the cutest.

I am not saying I am rushing to buy a bikini today. But at least for today, all these lumps be hanging out.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Five: Non-Scale Victories

I love non-scale victories! And with currently being scaleless, I need to thrive on them and this week I have shared some on Facebook and Instagram and decided I want to keep the good feelings rolling :)

5 Non-Scale Victories

1. Self love.

I am a person who has always struggled with self love. I have always hated my weight - even back when I was in my healthy weight range. And so it's safe to say, I struggle with loving my body ten times more in the last few years at my most unhealthy weight. And I'm tired of that!! So I am glad this week I have really been loving my healthier body - regardless of how far I have to go.

2. These legs:

A. I have been doing the Tone It Up Bikini Body Series and attempting to do #100bysummer miles. In the past when I have done the TIU challenges I have struggled to get close to half the miles. An tomorrow marks the beginning of summer and I am currently sittin at 94 miles!!!! And bonus we are allowed to count our TIU workouts toward the miles and I haven't counted any of them!!!!! Ahhhhhh! I feel awesome about that!

B. I have officially made it to the last week of the Couch-to-5K program! In the past trying to do C25K I never made it past week two... So yeah! :)

C. I have done a stinking tone of squats! My plan was for 1,000 in June for Fitfluential #ffsquat challenge and I am crushing it.

3. My nutrition is getting better and better.

I have been making healthier choices, watching what I eat and how much I eat, and recording all week on Myfitnesspal like I planned to. I am no where near perfect, but for now I'll take it. Lately I have been trying to break my mind set that I can eat whatever I want as long as I workout. This may be true for some people but it definitely isn't true for me. Case in point: Ive been a workout machine the last few months and still not losing any weight because I hadn't been doing anything with my nutrition. And the last few weeks I have been doing pretty well and that makes me happy.

4. Loose clothes.

Oh yeah ;) I have noticed in the last few days that some of my tighter shirts are starting to fit looser. And I will take that any day!

5. My frame of mind has changed.

 I want to workout - which isn't so new, it's been like this for about 2 months or so. I want to eat right. I am constantly thinking about the food I eat and when I eat it. And that isn't exactly normal. I have done some food tracking with Myfitnesspal in the past but I just recorded all the bad stuff I ate and it wasn't conscious thought when I ate - other than I really want to eat this (5 double chocolate donuts from Dunkin Donuts in one sitting) <oy vey so not doing that anymore in and of itself is so much better for my health, trying to lose weight or not.

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a fun and healthy weekend!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Five: Reasons I Miss the Gym

Since we moved I haven't had access to a gym. There is no gym in my town. So I have been making due with at home and outdoor workouts. Which isn't the worst thing - it's free and readily available anytime, anyday without even leaving home.

But I really miss the gym. So here is five things Friday.

5 Reasons I Miss the Gym

1. Accountability

Whether I have someone to go with me or not, I paid for this dang membership! :)  I mean who wants to pay for a gym membership and not use it. I mean seriously, some weeks I went every single day and did one class a week. If you pay for a gym membership and don't take full advantage, you may as well flush money down the toilet.

2. Classes

I loved going to spin! Spin class... Oh the first couple were a bit rough. Sore bum, dying on the "jumps" and other out of the saddle position. Once I realized to hone it in to my fitness level and not try to be at the well seasoned riders level, it was amazing! Also, if I had the gym membership a month or so longer I would have attended both Zumba and yoga. I had a failed yoga attempt a few weeks before the move - I got there at 6am to find out the instructor was sick. And he I stayed to workout... at 6am... and I am not not not not a morning person.

3. Speed

When I run outside, presently, I cannot seem to pace myself. I am always going too fast. I end up only being able to run for a minute before I need to stop and catch my breath with my heart feeling like it will explode out of my chest. When I really started analyising myself, I realized I would try to do the runs at an all out sprint. And going slower has definitely been a hard task. At least at the gym I could select my pace and go much, much longer.

4. Kid free zone

My home works sometimes can be a struggle. I have mastered the evening workouts after my kids go to bed but some days my problem becomes into I am exhausted and just going to bed sounds better than sweating for an hour (or any length of time) and needing to shower (or wipe up and change). Then workouts during the day either I get interrupted - or like yesterday I got rammed in the angle by one of my 9-month-olds in a walker. Ps I almost fell on my face lol

5. Weight loss

I gained during the packing/ moving/ unpacking process - about 15 pounds over a month. I wasn't working out and we were getting fast food all the time. I absolutely hated myself. I set myself back two months in the matter of a month. Since then, all I can seem to do is maintain.

But, dispite all these, it is a process an I'm working on it. I'm trying to utilize the time my husband is home. Attempting to do more physical activity even if it isn't a structured workout. Trying to do more structured workouts during my week. And I decided I am going to try to start trying out some new things also.

Found this on Pinterest, gave me a giggle  lol