Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

So this morning I was thinking my last weigh in was 226ish. And I didn't think I lost anything. Well when I weighed myself I had!
So today I have thee most fit day I have had, possibly ever.
-First a 40 minute walk to get my son from school with the whole family. I carried one of my 8 month-olds for 30 minutes of the walk and then a 2 year-old the last 10.
-Then as a family we walk to the park. I carry the 2 year-old again. Then I push the twins in the double stroller around the walking path while my husband took the older two to play. While on the walking path I did about 10 minutes of jogging. Then I carried my 6 year-old for about 5 minutes of the walk home and then my 2 year-old for about 5 also.
-After we got home I decided the leaves my husband had blown into a pile last week should get bagged up - hey we are new to this whole owning a yard thing. Lol so an hour and 6 lawn bags later, I bagged all the leaves, mostly cleaned out all the flower beds and cleared all the garbage left in the yard from the previous owner's tenants.
-Finally, my eating was really good today. It may have not been that of a fitness god/ goddess, but it was pretty darn good for me. :)

So on to me finally being on here doing my weigh in Wednesday weigh in post and come to did my weigh in last week was not 226ish...

Last weigh in: 228.2
This weigh in: 
Oh my gosh, I lost 2.8, I am so beyond happy! I felt like I probably didn't lose anything but looking back there were a couple bad eats with Easter candy, but really I didn't overdo it as much as I have in the past. And, Easter dinner I normally would have two plates and 4-6 rolls and that number may be taking it easy on myself - because I love me some rolls. :) But this year I had one plate and limited myself to two rolls, which I made. And I  let my grandma and mom split what was left so I could remove my temptation if I were to take them home.
The last week I worked out three days and walked two days.
So I definitely earned my weight loss this week. I have no idea why I was doubting myself. This next week I will believe in myself because I can do anything :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Ok, so I have skipped far to many weeks of this and partly because I'm embarrassed. Since the move I have really derailed and set myself back several months of work. And it makes me so upset. I have realized this a couple weeks ago, and have been struggling ever since to get back on track. I have really been trying but it seems every step forward I make two big steps back and hurt my cause.

So, I am going to stop all this self sabotage and get my butt in gear.

-Back to Wednesday's as weigh in days and posting it on here.
-Set a workout plan and stick to it no matter what - how tired I am, how late it is, etc. and work out some for of exercise regardless if I can't fit in a whole hour.
-Water Water Water I haven't been getting enough.
-Stop feeling so down on myself, about not working out and my gain and my body.
- Remember that working out is to be healthy and happy, the weight loss and fit body are just a bonus.
Last weigh in Feb. 12th: 210.6
This weigh in: 228.2
Next week you will absolutely see this number go down and my Facebook page is going to be quite active from now on :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

12 Weeks No Fast Food

With our move, we have fallen back into the fast food habit and we haven't stopped. That is so aggravating. So I have decided to start another fast food challenge. I've been thinking of doing one the last two weeks and just haven't being not smart and lazy. So here goes.

I am doing 12 weeks no fast food staring Monday, April 7th and ending Sunday, June 29th.

This may be a little more difficult than my last No Fast Food Challenge (Click here to read) which was only 6 weeks. But I think if I could go 6 weeks, I can definitely go 12 weeks.

So the details, same as last time:

  • No fast food
  • Excludes Subway
  • Excludes sit down restaurants
    • must be healthy meal option
    • not in excess of more than once a week

In addition, I'm also going to be working on adding in more homemade meals, instead of meals from a box or can. Especially, healthy homemade meals.

So excited to kick this challenge's a s s :)

If you would like to join in comment below, or subscribe on the right side bar Follow by Email link. I'd love for others to get involved too! :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

P90X Fit Test

Since moving, I have really seemed to be taking my sweet time getting back to working out and watching what I eat. I have kept thing start back slow and  just add things in, but I just haven't done anything. So I decided to rip the bandaid off and jump back in at a sprint. That's just the best way for me. So today I am staring P90X and yesterday I did my stats and the fit test. Here goes...

My stats:

Body Fat (to be determined)
Weight 227.4 lbs
Chest 43 3/8"
Waist 46"
Hips 46 1/8"
Right Thigh 25 3/4"
Left Thigh 25 7/8"
Right Arm 13 7/8"
Left Arm 14"

Fit Test Results:

Resting Heart Rate 82
Pull-ups 0 1/4 (ish) *
Vertical Leap 9"
Push-ups 2 *
Toe Touch +2 5/8"
Wall Squat 1 min 1.55 sec Weight 227.4 lbs
Bicep Curls 27 Weight 8 lbs
In & Outs 3*
Heart Rate Maximizer 130 bpm (After workout: 1 min 86 bpm, 2 min 86 bpm, 3 min 84 bpm, 4 min 86 bpm)

I put a star by the ones I didn't reach the minimum recommended to start P90X.

I also decided to add my own:
Plank 1 min 0.59 sec
Squats 10

They also suggested these poses for the before shot:
Caution they are highly embarrassing (for me)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Sorry I haven't posted recently. We have had a lot going on.

We just bought our first home! So we have been packing, moving, fixing up, unpacking, etc. Still a lot to get done but it's getting there slowly. You never realize how much stuff you have until you move. And you never think of all the things you need until you move. We have lived in a two bedroom apartment for 5 years and it is definitely a relief to have space again.

To be honest, I haven't even been thinking about my weight loss. But am ready to get myself back on track!! I miss my workouts and am feeling a bit sluggish since I haven't been putting much focus on my diet. I have eaten a few salads and tried not to over eat but really need to get my focus back.

Hope everyone is doing well! Have a great weekend and I'll be back for weigh in Wednesday this week :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Last weigh in: 209.8
This weigh in: 210.6

Ok, so last week I was on a slippery slope and I didn't know it. I was trying to do an at-home 30 day Crossfit challenge, a 28 day Pilates challenge, and the move nourish believe challenge. And I keep setting myself up to fail. I plan to do to many things when my fitness level just doesn't agree. This may not seem like a lot of things but to a busy mom who was also still try to fit in here regular cardio routine at the gym, it just really became too much.

I mean really, I have been called supermom on several occasions and I don't agree. I have room for improvement, I have things I could work on, but I know I try my best. On a rare day, I feel like supermom and I feel like I could conquer anything. Not to say that I can't but I definetly think my goals come from that place. Very good intentions but a little misguided by my brief Hercules complex.

So this weekend I had just beat myself, I was sore and my head was just in a really negative place. So I stopped all of them and this is what happend last month with doing both Blogilates and Tone It Up calendars. I repeated my pattern and I hate just giving up all together. My 6 weeks no sweets came to an end on Monday, but I ended it on Sunday day after total meltdown. And I broke my no pop streak since October 12th, and drank a diet dr pepper which I have never been a diet anything fan.

At first I was really mad at myself. It was so annoying that I did this. Stopped a day early, when I pasted nearly 6 dang weeks and no pop in 4 months ruined all in the same day. I didn't have any more pop that day, but continued to overdo it on the sweets nearly every day since - I mean only 3 days but still. And today I drank more pop and over did the sweets.

Ahhhhh! I am so mad at myself. I have let myself slip back into old patterns - all for what? I have proven to myself I can go without sweets. I have proven to myself I can go without pop. And I have no one to blame but myself.

Just four days of regression, but it feels like it may as well be a month. Tomorrow is a new day and I refuse to let this go on any longer.

Remember, you can always turn things around.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

didn't do a weigh in last week. I has the flu for 3 days. It was horrible and I didn't get to the gym those days or the day after because I was feel exhausted and I was disinfecting and cleaning. 

Last weigh in: 209.6
This weigh in:

I am not going to lie. I'm very, very disappointed. I expected to have lost at least a pound or two. I know it's only .2 gain but I feel as badly as if it was a one pound gain. Now that I got my feelings out, I can let it go, move on and have a better week.

Here's to a better week!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Gym Happenings

Alright, so I mentioned this first one on my Facebook page (, but last night while at the gym my parents came into the gym to sign up for a membership. How awesome is that. I am proud of them. My mom is keeping healthy, after losing a bunch of weight (I shared her story here on the blog A Weight Loss Story: My Mother). And my dad taking back control of his health. In his mind he has some weight to lose - which for him sure - but he is one of those luck people with a fast acting metabolism. If I ate like him I'd look like a horse. But anyway, it's awesome!!

I posted this while on the elliptical : "Seeing your parents come in to the gym to sign up for a membership, love it #healthyparents #healthygrandparents"

After this, I finished my elliptical workout and then rode the bike for 30 minutes. I am walking to the locker room and see someone I used to work with. She is an older lady - maybe between 60-70 years old. I saw her husband two weeks ago and talked to him then. So we got to chatting and she says that her husband had mentioned he saw me there and couldn't figure out who I was until later because I had lost so much weight he didn't recognize me.....

Let that sink in (with me).....

I went home feeling AWESOME!!!! Sometimes I just focus on how far I have to go and don't really think much on how far I have come. It felt great for someone to really say they have noticed I have lost quite a bit of weight. Everyone who ever mentions my weight loss to me sees me regularly and to them the change isn't quite as drastic compared to someone who hasn't seen me in quite a number of months. It's just such a good feeling.

Moral of this story you can be healthy at any age!!! AND Be proud of what you have accomplished whether you have 5 pounds to go or 40 pounds(in my case).

Do you have any cool gym stories? Feel free to share in the comments below or links to your blog post :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

BMIs, They Lie

Once a week I weigh myself at the gym. They have a nice Biggest Loser Scale that tells you your BMI. Usually I weigh myself there around Sunday.

This last week I had a bit of a surprise.
Note my BMI is 29! This means two things. I am finally under 30 - which it seems I have been at for a while. And, by BMI standards, I am no longer considered obese! Which I have never considered myself that anyway, but it is still nice. Now, I'm just considered overweight.

It isn't quite as exciting as being back in the one-hundreds, but definetly a bit cool to know.

I don't take much stock in the BMI standard of obese/overweight. I do - obviously - keep an eye on my BMI from time to time. I think it is a good representative of where my normal should be.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

I had an off week. I'd work hard and then not. This week I really need to regroup. I lost 1.6 this week. I honestly wanted more since next week is the last week of the DietBet I am in. So we will just have to see.

Last weigh in: 211.2
This weigh in: