Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Last weeks weigh in: 229
This weeks weigh in: 228.6
I'm down .6 this week. I almost said only and when you say only before something it usually means you're disappointed. And it's not disappointing. I'd be laying to say I wasn't hoping for more but a loss is a loss.

I wouldn't say my eating has been perfect but portion control is definitely my strong suit. So I have been focusing on that and adding more fruits. This week my hopes are to add in more veggies. I think I have also decided to do two- three days a week 100% clean - my rest days. That way I'm not over eating on those days or eating junk I don't need. Then I get better and better I think more clean eating days will come easily.

My week in workouts has been awesome! I have been doing Couch-to-5k outside. It's a bit of a struggle mentally and getting the dreaded side stitch almost every workout. But I'm doing it. I also thought about repeating week one until I feel comfortable. But the bad thing about that plan is that's what I did last time and then I tapered out and quit. So I am going to keep progressing with the weeks as scheduled.

Also this last 3-4 days, I have been working on a fitness binder. I am really excited about it! I have been writing down on my fitness Pinterest finds and am going to work on rotating through the workouts. I have already done 2 of the workouts. I put dividers in to organize workouts arms (shoulders), legs (booty),  abs, and multi area. I label every page in the top right corner with the area an what equipment I need (kettle bell, weights, etc). My next thing is to workout on a schedule - cardio days and workout areas (arm day, leg day, etc).

So I think I will see a greater loss next week. And I'm excited about the progress I am making. Here's to another week! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Happy hump day! :)

Last weigh in: 231.2
This weigh in:
I lost 2.2! Thank goodness! I really needed it. Yesterday was my only day I didn't work out. My eating was still kind of all over the place. But it's a work in progress.

I'm hoping for the same kind of week this week so I can see another loss like this!

Yesterday I was in a bit of a funk, I had one of those days I felt hungry and sluggish all day. It was not good. I decided I need a break from working out because I had every day since last Wednesday. And then I didn't track my food which also wasn't a good thing. I know I over ate. But, I'm going to try to do much better today. Definitely planning a workout and tracking my food for sure.

Hope everyone is having a great week! Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Couch-to-5k Update

I am super excited to share this.

This last week I completed the Couch-to-5k program!!!!

This was my third attempt at the program, so I am super proud of myself. I did all but one indoors... with no treadmill. I know, I know. Whaaaat? Lol

Ok, so as a stay-at-home mom with no gym access and whose husband schedule is different day to day; I needed a way to do this program that didn't involve me getting up before it was necessary. I'm not a morning person whatsoever. So my twins getting up at 730-8 is early enough for me.

What I was doing was this: running in place. I felt like a goober for the first week or so. But I saw this from a cool fitness blogger named Roni - what you can, when you can. I'm also adding where you can ;)

The upside of doing this is that I can get the workout in regardless of my situation (husbands at work, I didn't have time till after dark, etc). I also can watch Netflix to pass the time. The downside I have no idea of my speed or distance. 

Now I am doing the program again but all outside. I really need to do it outside. Plus I'm doing The Color Run in two months and even though it isn't timed, it's still a run.

I did day week 1 day 1 yesterday outside. My major issue is speed I try to do the runs to fast for my fitness level. So halfway through I had to skip one because of an extreme pain in my side. I walked it out and then the rest of the time really tried to go slow. So then during the cool down I added a minute jog and then walked a little long to get home after I was finished.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

So Over Body Shaming

I apologize in advance, this is about to get ranty and possibly b*tchy.

I am so sick and tired of body shaming - from any size person!!!! I have seen all these stupid "real woman" comments around before an it really got under my skin. And after seeing, for the second time this week, a Facebook friend sharing a somecard stating "no I'm not a size zero because I have the body of a woman not a 12 year old" - I can't hold it in anymore!!! That is so f*cking stupid!!!

I am no where damn near a size zero but I don't see a WOMAN that is a size zero (or close to it) and think oh she's not a woman..... It's like wtf.

I'm a size 18. But that's my damn business just as a WOMAN that is a size 8,4,0.

Oh and not to mention that if there was a somecard that was going around on Facebook that read "No I'm not a size 18 (20 or 22) because I have the body of a woman not a hippopotamus." Bigger gals every where would be raising HELL!!!!

All you women who like to throw around the term "real woman" remember this when you are gudging!! : That woman with a small figure may work very hard to have the body she does because it makes her feel good and makes her feel good about herself!

If you are a bigger gal you have probably at one point in your life (possibly as a child or even as an adult) experienced fat shaming! You have probably at one point in your life (not saying all the time) thought you were fat and/or wished you had a smaller body. You may have at one time envied a friend or fellow classmate for their smaller body. You may have at one time wondered why someone smaller than you that doesn't workout gets to eat whatever they want, and still stay small - and you look at a pizza with longing eyes and gain 5 pounds.
I have experienced all of the above. In elementary school, a couple times I was called tubby by other kids. In high school there was a couple girls that didn't like me and called me fat (even though I was in a healthy weight range for my height).

So if you have experienced those things and still have the audacity to throw around the term "real woman".... That's ridiculous. It hurts people. When I was in my healthy weight range during high school I thought I was fat, and I wasn't. I hated my body. So I think it's safe to say that even a size zero has those days. So they don't need you making them feel bad about themselves.

Let's try lifting others up instead of smacking them down just because they don't have your body.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Unshared Weigh Ins for 2 weeks

So in my Scaleless in June post I weighed 228.6 and planned to lose 8 lbs during the month of June.

Last weigh in June 8: 228.6 lbs
July 2:
Needless to say I did not lose 8 lbs and gained 2.2 at that.

July 9:
Up .2 so basically held stready.

I will admit it my food is still in extreme need of a make-over and I know this and if you read my blog I've acknowledged my food issues a hundred times. I'm just a mess. I am starting to realize I am going to be a work in progress in this area for a while. And I think I have finally decided I'm ok with it for now. Not to say that nearly every night this week I didn't lay in bed loathing my bad food choices for the day. But, I am going to try and work on it as best I can and at the end of the day, that's all I can ask. So for now, I'm at peace. Today my only bad food choices were at dinner, so that's a small victory for me. And I have to always remember I am killing my workouts.

This week I finished Couch-to-5k. Then the next day I jogged (indoors) for an hour - my record. I have also been keeping to several of my goals for this month, so I am pretty proud of that.

But, I'll tell you this coming Wednesday I am shooting for 2 pounds and I really am trying hard to reach it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Taking Control of My Eating

So I am really, really pissed off tonight. I have had my worst food day in quite a while. I cannot even stand to think about it. I have no one to blame but myself. I can't understand why I keep doing this. I feel so controlled by food, and I just seem to have no self control. It seems like no matter how much lately I acknowledge my issues with food, I just can't seem to get it under control. It's ridiculous! And I am 1000% over it.

The worst part, I crush my workouts and I have been getting in at least 9 or more jogging miles a week. If I had my eating under control the last few months is be down to my goal weight by now. So that is infuriating!!!

The only benefit I have now is my extreme anger. I haven't been angry before now. And right about now I feel like I could spit fire.

So here are some things I will be doing:

-Quit drinking sweet tea

-Record my food every day to keep accountable for the junk. I use MyFitnessPal. And omg I will avoid having another day like this because I felt even more awful putting all my food in!

-Attempt to start cutting down on sugar intake AND processed junk - this one will be the toughest

-Create a no buy list. Things I can't buy because they are unhealthy or triggers (which I have been doing better about)

-Make a go to healthy snack bag for in the car

-Restart no fast food - I relapsed last week after 5 weeks I had a health issue and was in pain and had to go to the doctor and end up just need some food fast after not getting back to town till a while past dinner time. I know I'm weak!! And now it's all I want to eat. So done. And I feel like it needs to be forever not just 12 weeks.

BUT, there is one bright spot. I haven't had a Reese's in 2 weeks and obviously if you couldn't tell from above that is a huge feat for me.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Goals

Recapping on June:
I completed Fitfluential's #FFSquat Challenge with 1,910 squats for the month of June. I had originally set out to do 1,000 at the start of the challenge as a beginner.
I completed the Tone It Up Bikini Series Challenge. I got 95 miles in running/walking. The goal was 100 and we could count our workouts which I did not. So in my mind I made it well over 100. And in past TIU challenges I struggled to make it even close to half. So WIN!!
I also managed to go scaleless only stepping on the scale once at the doctor's office.

Here are my goals for this month:

1. Complete the following challenges:

-I'mperfect Life 1,000 minutes of exercise challenge (Click Here for Info )
-Fitfluential Push-up Challenge (Click Here for Info)

-Spartan 30 Challenge: Bear Crawl (Click Here for Info)

-SweatPink/ Jill Conyers Instagram Challenge (Click Here for Info)

2. Eat more veggies, and less sugar.
I have not had a Reese's in almost two weeks - and for me that's something :)

3. Record my food every day.
Not so I can make sure I only eat a certain amount of calories, but so that I can keep myself accountable for junk I eat. I use MyFitnessPal.

4. Jog 5k 3 times a week.
I am 2 workouts out from completeing the Couch-to-5k program!! I could not be more pumped about that!!
PS. I just signed up for The Color Run South Bend TEAM NAME: Rainbow Dash

5. Lose 10 pounds.
I thought about not having this goal, especially since as of late there hasn't been much weight loss around here. And this journey is about more than just weight loss. But I'd be a fool to not say this is what I am strongly hoping for.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your goals below or a link to your blog post on July goals.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Five: 5 Reason I Am Letting It All Hang Out

OK, things about to get real up in this blog. LOL

Here's me today while I was watching my kids swim:

I decided to try to get my chubs some sun. I was however too self-conscious. I kept pulling my shirt down very time a car would go down the street past my neighbors lawn. I'm not swimming today. But when I do I wear a two peice that the top is basically a tank top and the bottoms a skort. Because 1. I think my body looks hideous an 2. I don't want people to see it, be disgusted, or stare with judgy eyes. And well.... SCREW THAT!

I don't need to cover up just because I am not a supermodel. That just isn't fair.

Your top clings to your stomach better than all get out. So when it clings all whopperjawed and you go to get out of the water you look crazy as heck - bout needing the jaws of life to pry it off and pull it down.

My girls. I don't want them thinking they must be a size two or look perfect to wear a bikini if they want to.

Men of all shapes and size let it all hang out and wear swim trunks. I think I have seen only an extremely small amount of larger men wearing shirts.

Bikinis are the cutest.

I am not saying I am rushing to buy a bikini today. But at least for today, all these lumps be hanging out.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Five: Non-Scale Victories

I love non-scale victories! And with currently being scaleless, I need to thrive on them and this week I have shared some on Facebook and Instagram and decided I want to keep the good feelings rolling :)

5 Non-Scale Victories

1. Self love.

I am a person who has always struggled with self love. I have always hated my weight - even back when I was in my healthy weight range. And so it's safe to say, I struggle with loving my body ten times more in the last few years at my most unhealthy weight. And I'm tired of that!! So I am glad this week I have really been loving my healthier body - regardless of how far I have to go.

2. These legs:

A. I have been doing the Tone It Up Bikini Body Series and attempting to do #100bysummer miles. In the past when I have done the TIU challenges I have struggled to get close to half the miles. An tomorrow marks the beginning of summer and I am currently sittin at 94 miles!!!! And bonus we are allowed to count our TIU workouts toward the miles and I haven't counted any of them!!!!! Ahhhhhh! I feel awesome about that!

B. I have officially made it to the last week of the Couch-to-5K program! In the past trying to do C25K I never made it past week two... So yeah! :)

C. I have done a stinking tone of squats! My plan was for 1,000 in June for Fitfluential #ffsquat challenge and I am crushing it.

3. My nutrition is getting better and better.

I have been making healthier choices, watching what I eat and how much I eat, and recording all week on Myfitnesspal like I planned to. I am no where near perfect, but for now I'll take it. Lately I have been trying to break my mind set that I can eat whatever I want as long as I workout. This may be true for some people but it definitely isn't true for me. Case in point: Ive been a workout machine the last few months and still not losing any weight because I hadn't been doing anything with my nutrition. And the last few weeks I have been doing pretty well and that makes me happy.

4. Loose clothes.

Oh yeah ;) I have noticed in the last few days that some of my tighter shirts are starting to fit looser. And I will take that any day!

5. My frame of mind has changed.

 I want to workout - which isn't so new, it's been like this for about 2 months or so. I want to eat right. I am constantly thinking about the food I eat and when I eat it. And that isn't exactly normal. I have done some food tracking with Myfitnesspal in the past but I just recorded all the bad stuff I ate and it wasn't conscious thought when I ate - other than I really want to eat this (5 double chocolate donuts from Dunkin Donuts in one sitting) <oy vey so not doing that anymore in and of itself is so much better for my health, trying to lose weight or not.

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a fun and healthy weekend!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Scaleless in June

I posted this picture earlier this week on Instagram:

I keep seeming to get extremely bummed out lately over my weigh ins. I'm not losing the weight I want to. And off the scale I am struggling with my eating. I can workout and get physical activity in every day for an hour or more. But...

So this week I have difinitely been improving; and I think overall this has been the best food week in a while. I have been watching what I eat, watching portion sizes, and eating to fuel my body. I did have some "cheats." I wouldn't say I was 80/20 but I think I was pretty darn close.

I also realized this week I was getting rapped up again in weighing myself and getting obsessed over getting the scale to come down. Well, that's not healthy (mentally) either. And as you may also have read above, regardless of what the scale says, I feel awesome!! And really feeling awesome is a great side affect. Looking better will come. As a result, I will not be stepping on the scale for the next month.

Feel free to join me! And share your goal below.

Look for my next weigh in July 6th.
My goal weight loss: 8 lbs